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Infonovum has developed software that is being used by top investment banks and Fortune 100 companies in the financial domain. We are a team of passionate individuals who seek excitement in solving complex problems in business and technology.

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Address: No 7, Sriman Srinivasa Road,Alwarpet, Chennai 600018

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Infonovum has a professional work culture. Employees are treated with respect and are given freedom to do the job creatively without undue supervision. Flexible working hours, ability to work from home, professional atmosphere and easily approachable bosses are some of the plus points of working at Infonovum. Infonovum has been able to find the strengths of employees and allocate responsibilities aptly. Noting my skills in HTML and CSS, I was empowered to lead the transition to the new web design and the mobile app. Having the responsibility to interview prospective employees, I as a manager am able to recruit intelligent and hardworking team members.

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