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Infonovum has developed software that is being used by top investment banks and Fortune 100 companies in the financial domain. We are a team of passionate individuals who seek excitement in solving complex problems in business and technology.

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Address: No 7, Sriman Srinivasa Road,Alwarpet, Chennai 600018

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At Infonovum, we offer the entire gamut of business and software services – from consulting to testing and infrastructure management.

We ensure timely delivery of our services through effective team communication and efficient software processes.



We deliver smart and innovative technology solutions for business problems using our industry knowledge and technology expertise. Our software is used by Fortune 100 companies and top investment banks whose business needs demand game changing solutions. Our consultants work closely with them, from idea to implementation, playing the key role of translating business requirements to product specifications and IT processes.

Our consultants speak your language; they can help you assess, design and implement reliable solutions for even the most complex business problems. We have well over 50 years of collective experience in delivering top class solutions in the fields of finance, accounting and record keeping. Leverage our technology edge and deep industry knowledge to transform your business.


Your choice of technology and design for the product will greatly impact customer experience and customer engagement. For the best performance and experience, it is imperative to leverage emerging technologies in Big Data, Cloud and Mobile for application development. We deliver high performance and value by building solutions that make use of the latest tools and technologies available in the market.

In industries like banking, finance and insurance, the competition is always cut-throat which drives organizations to find smart solutions at lesser cost. There is an ever increasing need for keeping costs low. Our services and products will help you develop, deploy and sustain technology solutions cost effectively. We offer affordable ways to rapidly scale development and support capabilities. Where there is a necessity, we offer 24X7 development and support services.


Our development and software releases are made reliable with our extensive testing practices. Our Quality Assurance is rigorous to ensure delivery of high quality products. The automated test suites that we have developed can be run overnight to test an entire application. While manual testing can be useful in some cases, for large enterprise applications with complicated business rules, automated testing is a necessity to save time and ensure precision.

For every new feature developed, we religiously run regression and integration tests to ensure that the product is bug free and the experience is smooth.


The expectation in terms of performance and availability when it comes to enterprise grade applications is so high that it requires a dedicated  team to run the show. Our experts can help you by managing the entire infrastructure end to end. We offer a full range of management services which will help you keep up with the increasing demands of a challenging industry.

Maintaining Uptimes
We use data centres in multiple geographical locations to make sure that our failover mechanism is quick and reliable even during unexpected network failures or natural disasters. During times of failure, our failover mechanism kicks in so fast that end users cannot even detect it.

Database Management & Disaster Recovery
We routinely run disaster recovery tests on our databases to make sure that our losses and downtimes are kept to the barest minimum even in the case of a catastrophic hardware or software failure.

Software Release Management
We host and manage the test environments to make sure new features and software releases do not break the working components of the existing software.

We understand that your data is sensitive and data security is your priority. We go the extra mile to make sure that security is super tight. The infrastructure access is restricted to very few key people handling your account and all access is over a secure VPN.

General IT Support
We offer annual support contracts for remote as well as onsite support. Outsourcing support can offer significant reduction in maintenance costs. Our staff members are constantly trained on latest technologies to provide you with a team that is current with the trends.


Our services in business processes are tailored to reduce your operational overheads. We have the necessary skill and resources to manage processes like data entry, data verification, report generation and other day-to-day business operations
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