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Infonovum has developed software that is being used by top investment banks and Fortune 100 companies in the financial domain. We are a team of passionate individuals who seek excitement in solving complex problems in business and technology.

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Address: No 7, Sriman Srinivasa Road,Alwarpet, Chennai 600018

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At Infonovum, we have demonstrated continuous progress and perfection through our practical approach to achieving business objectives.

Our practicality can be see in our working style; and our choice of  tools, processes and development methods.

Agile is a disciplined project management process which was brought into the industry as a direct response to the popular ‘Waterfall’ paradigm in software development. While the Waterfall method sequentially addresses every phase of software development, the Agile method stresses on incremental development of fully functional features. The Agile method makes it possible for software to evolve as it is being developed.

As the Agile manifesto spells out, we value

While the Agile manifesto addresses the philosophical aspects, there are several subsets of the Agile methodology that help with the nitty gritties of running an Agile team on a day to day basis. Our choice of project management is SCRUM.

Every project team in Infonovum has a Product owner and a SCRUM master along with Business Analysts, Developers and Testers. The Product Owner is someone from the client side who does the crucial role of communicating product requirements and priorities to the development team on a day to day basis.

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